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SYDNEY, Australia, March 21, 2017 /-- The Peoplogica Group, announced today that MultiRater Surveys, an innovative cloud based 180, 360 and Pulse survey platform, has started the disruption of the 360 Degree Feedback market by providing highly effective and affordable employee and customer surveys. The MultiRater Surveys’ CEO, Mark Purbrick, states, “our disruption of employee and customer surveys is far from over, we have new functionality being developed that will further revolutionize this critical area of people capital development”.

Historically leadership development has only been conducted at the senior executive level due to the high cost of 360 degree leadership feedback surveys. MultiRater Surveys was developed because there was a critical need for all managers and supervisors to benefit from leadership development, not just executive management. Let alone the need to ensure that all employees receive regular feedback about their attitude and performance and the processes for employees to be able to provide regular feedback to management in a confidential environment. Traditional providers of leadership surveys are not only expensive, they do not allow organizations to customize surveys to measure what is important to them (like their Values) and they generally link in excessive consultation programs that further increase the cost of leadership development. 

The 2015 Brandon Hall Group’s State of Leadership Development Study found that only 5% of organizations implemented leadership solutions at all organizational levels, which highlights the potential awaiting all companies that implement an organizational wide leadership development program. Furthermore, McKinsey & Company estimate that US companies spend almost $14 billion on leadership development but a staggering 30% of US companies admit that they have failed to exploit international opportunities because they lack enough leaders with the right capabilities. By extending leadership development to all levels, this will result in substantial growth of the leadership pool and an increase in organizational potential.

MultiRater Surveys has provided organizations with the ability to maximize leadership development at all levels and, by doing so, have empowered management teams to fully utilize all of their people capital talent.


About MultiRater Surveys

MultiRater Surveys is a fully customisable online people analytics provider that assists organizations of all sizes and from all sectors to maximize employee engagement/performance and also increase customer service levels. The vision is to make employee and customer surveys not only affordable but highly effective  by providing functionality that no other survey platform offers. MultiRater Surveys provide clients with a low cost, unlimited usage, subscription based and functionality rich employee and customer survey platform that satisfies all of their 180 performance reviews, 360 degree leadership development, employee engagement and customer pulse surveys. Learn more at www.MultiRaterSurveys.com  


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