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SYDNEY, Australia, August 23, 2017, /-- The Peoplogica Group announced today the release of a new powerful and innovative people analytics dashboard for MultiRater Surveys. By recognizing the need to provide HR professionals, management teams and business owners with a clear and concise summary of their people capital, Multirater Surveys has combined people analytics and diagnostic employee/client surveys to give insights into their organization and employees that were not available in the past. This new real time dashboard not only identifies which competencies an organization is excelling at and which ones are causing inefficiencies, it also identifies the most effective leaders and employees and, importantly, which ones need assistance and support. By using people analytics management teams can improve leadership capability at all levels which will, in turn, drive increases in revenue, profitability and customer service levels.

With the addition of the three performance scores for Leadership, Employee Engagement, and Customer Service, organizations can now measure and accurately track improvement in individual and overall Leadership which will lead to improvements in Employee Engagement and subsequent increases in Customer Service levels.

Multirater Surveys has now made it possible for organizations of all sizes, from all sectors, to embrace people analytics and use them to develop effective business strategies to deliver organizational improvement.


About MultiRater Surveys

MultiRater Surveys is a fully customisable online people analytics provider that assist organizations of all sizes and from all sectors to maximize employee engagement/ performance and also increase customer service levels. The vision is to make employee and customer surveys not only affordable but highly effective by providing functionality that no other survey platform offers. MultiRater Surveys provide clients with a low cost, unlimited usage, subscription based and functionality rich employee and customer survey platform that satisfies all of their 180 performance reviews, 360-degree leadership development, employee engagement and customer pulse surveys. Learn more at www.MultiRaterSurveys.com 


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