MultiRater Surveys Recognized in the Seven Hottest HR Technologies

Press Release from MultiRater Surveys

Multirater Surveys Recognized in the Seven Hottest HR Technologies
Press Release from Peoplogica

SYDNEY, Australia, February 05, 2018 / -- The Peoplogica Group, announced today that MultiRater Surveys, an innovative cloud based 180, 360 and Pulse employee and customer survey platform, has been nominated by the Employee Benefit Advisor as one of the hottest HR Technology companies.

The seven hottest HR Technologies and the hottest companies were recently released by Employee Benefit Advisor stating that “The past year saw a number of HR technology innovations and significant product introductions – and 2018 promises to bring about even bigger changes”.

“The whole field of HRIS is really exciting right now,” says Vanessa DiMauro, CEO of consulting firm Leader Networks and a Columbia University faculty member. “There is so much change and innovation happening.”

Elliot Kass from Employee Benefit Advisor states “smarter HR systems also will deliver the type of workforce analytics that employers need to make better staffing decisions”.

MultiRater Surveys was selected as one of the hottest HR Tech companies in the “Performance Management Software” category.

The MultiRater Surveys’ CEO, Mark Purbrick commented “we are very proud to be recognized as one of the hottest HR Tech companies and it appears we are in very good company”.

Multirater Surveys has developed a Performance Monitor that allows HR, L&D and management to easily identify which competencies the company is performing well in and which ones need urgent focus. The Dashboard clearly identifies the best leaders, managers and employees and those that require additional development, training, coaching and mentoring. “We wanted to create a portal that made it easy for management teams to quickly identify the competencies and the people that needed improvement so that each organization could maximise their potential”, “we also wanted to make it easier for executive managers to identify the individuals that are performing above and beyond in the eyes of their managers, peers and direct reports”.

The Multirater Surveys Dashboard is rich in people analytics and there is much more being added in the future.

MultiRater Surveys has provided organizations with the ability to maximize leadership development at all levels and, by doing so, have empowered management teams to fully utilize all of their people capital talent.

About MultiRater Surveys
MultiRater Surveys is a fully customizable online people analytics provider that assists organizations of all sizes and from all sectors to maximize employee engagement/performance and also increase customer service levels. The vision is to make employee and customer surveys not only affordable but highly effective by providing functionality that no other survey platform offers. MultiRater Surveys provides clients with a low cost, unlimited usage, subscription based and functionality rich employee and customer survey platform that satisfies all of their 180 performance reviews, 360 degree leadership development, employee engagement and customer pulse surveys. Learn more at  



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