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  • How Often Should You Communicate Benefits?

    With the prevalence of passive open enrollments and studies showing that only about 20% of employees actually look at these materials, it's important to communicate benefits between enrollment periods to get plan participants using them as designed. This article discusses how to create a...
  • Communicating Benefits to Work-from-Home Employees

    Benefits communication is one of the challenges facing benefit managers during the pandemic. Some media is no longer effective when employees work from home. Others, such as interactive videos, that engage employees to take actions while viewing, offer an effective solution for benefits education.
  • Welcome New Hires with an Interactive Benefits Orientation Video

    Learn how employers are using interactive benefit videos with newly hired and prospective employees. Interactive means viewers can take action while watching: download benefit materials, link to portals and carrier sites, answer survey questions, and choose what to view, and more. Includes 7...
  • The Best Time for Benefits Education

    This paper discusses two components of benefits education: 1. The best time to launch a campaign, and 2. How interactive videos can help A change in the approach to benefits education can increase the level of benefits understanding and use of tools and resources among employees and...
  • Interactive Videos for Open Enrollment

    With in-person open enrollment meetings challenged by a pandemic, interactive videos viewable on computers and mobile devices offer a solution for reaching employees and spouses for 2021 benefit elections. This paper offers ideas on how video can help benefit managers, consultants, and brokers.
  • Communicating ACA Health Plan Options to Hourly Employees

    With over 1,000 hourly team members working at fast food restaurants in six states, the franchisee wanted team members to be aware of the 2014 requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to enroll in a medical plan or face paying a penalty.
  • How Peer-To-Peer Communications Engage Employees in Benefits

    With 100% coverage for medical care, HMOs are an attractive plan for many employees. However, HMOs have smaller provider networks and restrictions for managing healthcare, leading to frustration for those who enroll without knowing the limits that come with 100% coverage.
  • Focused Benefits Communication Increases Participation in High-Deductible Plans

    Increasingly, employers are offering high-deductible health plans with lower paycheck contributions than traditional PPO plans. High-deductible plans shift more of the cost of their healthcare to employees. The challenge is getting employees to switch from the perceived safety of the low...
  • Engaging Employees in Wellness Programs through Branding and Communication

    A Midwest state university had to resolve a benefits and financial dilemma. Funding from the state was decreasing each year while health care costs were continuing to rise, making the university’s health plan’s more expensive for faculty and staff and impacting retention and...