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Humor, Yes Workplace Humor, Can Motivate and Reward Employees

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For years, the team at Corban OneSource would play practical jokes on each other just to keep things fun. One of my favorite was our Project Managers found a colleague’s door closed and they quietly put clear packing tape across the entire threshold of the door from frame to frame. They then came in my office and asked me to be an accomplice. Naturally I agreed and called the team member on his extension and told him our largest client just had a major issue with him and he better be in my office in the next 5 seconds (This is completely unlike me but I did my best at playing the part). Sure enough he opened the door in a hurry and did not see the tape. I guess the image that comes to mind would be a fly caught in a spiders’ web. The is one of many that have taken place over the years and though a little on the extreme side, everyone laughed about it for years! Here are a few tidbits of information that may help.

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