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  • Comprehensive HR Outsourcing

    Corban OneSource provide a full service online solution to help you manage your payroll, administer your benefits, handle compliance — all depending on what your company needs. --Focus on strategic initiatives that impact your entire organization --Control your HR outsourcing costs and know... Read More
  • Benefits Administration

    Flexible benefits administration — without the stress --Reconciling all carrier bills to ensure proper billing and eliminate lost profits --Managing eligibility and ACA for maximum compliance --Handling open and ongoing enrollment with dedicated number for employee assistance --A dedicated team... Read More
  • Payroll Administration

    Scalable payroll administration for business with 100+ employees. Worry-free payroll. Powerful technology and certified experts to simplify processing. Advanced customer support. Increase efficiency and make your people happy. Employee support center. A dedicated U.S. based number just for... Read More
White Papers by Corban OneSource
  • Does Someone Come to the Office Every Week When Outsourcing HR? By

    For many companies, outsourcing HR is a new idea. Having an internal HR department is the old way, and more and more companies are realizing that HR outsourcing is the faster, cheaper, more efficient way to manage human resources. But because HR outsourcing is new for some, a lot of questions... Read more
  • Nobody Likes A Bad Manager By

    There are a great number of us who have horror stories about managers or supervisors who were horrible. Maybe it was a manager who yelled, was repulsive, or downright rude and disrespectful. Whether it was at one of your first jobs or maybe later on in your career, it’s likely that you could... Read more
  • 10 Trends Reshaping Human Resources By

    A new wave of trends has been slowly emerging, but some recurring themes are likely to contribute to the new Human Resources landscape. Read more