HR in Turbulent Times

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HR in Turbulent Times If you have not noticed, we are in turbulent times. Do you ever feel like sometimes chaos follows you everywhere you go? We’ve all been there, but in the world of human resources and administration, chaos can escalate quickly (and often). Like most HR leaders, this isn’t our first rodeo at Corban OneSource and because of our nearly quarter century of experience, we have developed the ability to not only welcome the chaos as our Monday’s With Maddie comic suggests, but more importantly, help our clients manage it. Take for example the chaos that the economy brought during the last recession starting in 2007. Chaos gives us the chance to take away lessons and apply them to future issues. PLEASE keep in mind. we’re not running down into our basements or on the web buying doomsday bomb shelters, but hopefully doing the wise thing and applying what we have learned in the past to our current and future business decisions.

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