Employee Venting On Social Media

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Employee Venting On Social Media With the explosion of social media, we as business owners and managers seemed to have developed a love/hate relationship with its popularity and easy access. On the one hand, it gives us a platform to market our goods and services to zillions of people. However, those same zillions of people are privy to all the negative feedback and comments that get posted on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google reviews, just to name a few. It’s bad enough when customers post negative comments and feedback, but what about when it’s one of your employees? You might think that there should be consequences if an employee bad mouths the company, uses foul language to describe a supervisor, or posts embarrassing photographs or comments about the company on Facebook. You might also believe that the company is well within their right to reprimand, discipline, suspend or fire the employee for this type of social media content.

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