Put down those cell phones!

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Put down those cell phones! Everywhere you turn, there is usually someone sitting on their cell phone. They’re either passing time, trying to look busy, or maybe even actually get work done. However, the smarter our phones become, the more employee engagement/productivity seems to decrease. While there are plenty of other distractions, such as social media or old-fashion office gabbing, there is definitely an argument to be made for cell phones taking the number one spot in the competition for distractions. Whenever a phone dings with a notification, not only is that owner distracted, but also the employees around them. Some companies’ administrations have taken on similar rules to that of primary and secondary schools – no phones allowed; other companies have recognized that sometimes a cell phone is necessary, but try to limit usage with other rules and policies. In modern society, screen addiction has become a reality, but sometimes the reality is that it’s time to put down the phones and focus on work.

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