Preparing Millennials for the Exodus

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Preparing Millennials for the Exodus The mass exodus of tax professionals due to retirement has begun, and we already see signs of its significant impact on departments nationwide. One less recognized result is Millennials will be the most recruited cohort throughout the next five years. It is important Millennials create a strategic plan that aligns with their long-term career goals before becoming inundated with new opportunities. While this might seem like a natural progression of life, there is a growing concern surrounding the stereotypes of our future leaders. Millennials have shown a willingness to change jobs more frequently than the two generations before them, not displaying loyalty to employers who invest in their development. As Baby Boomers prepare to “ride off into the sunset,” it is inevitable this generation will be thrust into leadership positions at a rapid rate. This could be the opportunity of a lifetime for young professionals if they are strategic in their decision making.

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