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  • TaxTalent's Job Agent

    Simple, secure and fully customizable, the job agent is much more than a tool for active job seekers. In fact, the majority of our job agent subscribers are employed full time in the tax field. These professionals are careful not to be identified as a potential turnover risk. If you are employed... Read More
  • TaxTalent's Mentor Program

    TaxTalent believes that an essential part of career development is the mentoring process. We have developed an efficient, "on demand" mentoring system for two primary reasons. The first piece of this puzzle is through the data and information transfer. We want to ensure that the expertise and... Read More
  • TaxTalent's Career Forum

    Ask, Access and Answer Top Career Questions TaxTalent has forum posts covering a variety of topics including, but not limited to, career development, mentoring, leadership and managing your tax department. We encourage you to start your own discussion or post a question for our Career Coaches... Read More
White Papers by TaxTalent
  • Covid-19 Opens the Tax Profession to the Talent Economy How the Sudden Shift to Remote Work Changed By

    The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the viability of remote work in many industries, a revelation that will likely impact many future business decisions worldwide. Gain more insight into this topic during a webinar on Wednesday, June 17, at 1:00 pm (EST). Registration is now available. Read more
  • Outsourcing Update 2020 - Insiders Speak Out By

    The Big4 have dusted off their 1990s-era outsourcing model with renewed promises to solve the challenges generated by legislative and regulatory pressures, all while incorporating emerging technologies. Read more
  • Tax Hiring and Retention Oversights - Three Key Trends Most Employers Overlook​ By

    Three key trends will make attracting, retaining and developing tax talent harder than ever. Read more
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