9/14/20 SHRM Leaderboard

White Papers by TaxTalent

  • Drawing the Line - Needs VS. Wants

    As a hiring authority in the tax world, it is your job to ensure effective hiring practices. If you are not targeting appropriately when beginning a job search, you are harming your tax department by inevitably having your search take longer than it should. This article will address the...
  • Consultants: Easing the Transition for New Remote Clients

    Although remote work flexibility has been an option for a lot of projects historically, very rarely have projects been completely remote until now. This article will look at the historical aspects of remote tax consulting, the changes we see today from COVID, and how consultants can ease the...
  • Strategic Hiring - Hiring to Upgrade or Rebuild a Tax Function

    For the last article of my Strategic Hiring series, I will break down how tax leaders should hire and retain talent in a department upgrade or rebuild, by identifying what roles and areas need to be upgraded to navigating the hiring process in a manner that reduces the risk.
  • Responsibility VS Authority - Dynamics of Hiring In-House

    In the tax hiring climate of the COVID era, more and more companies are trying to fill searches on their own due to budgetary constraints and the impression that COVID left many candidates/talent to be sought. As Managing Director of Executive Search at TaxSearch, I have learned from my recent...
  • 4 Successful Succession Planning Moves

    As a Recruiter with TaxSearch, during this market turndown, I completed four searches that utilized succession planning components. I have seen firsthand that being able to paint a holistic picture for potential candidates effectively attracts top-level talent. This article will explore four...
  • How Much You Could Be Saving On Your Consulting Budget

    Let’s talk about money! I have provided unmeasurable insight into the Top 5 Interim Staffing Solutions and the Advantages & Disadvantages of them, but let’s get serious. What everyone really wants to know is how much interim staffing will cost them before they put too much confidence in any...
  • The Gig Is Up

    Over the past few years, the Gig-Economy has exploded with options for individuals looking to escape 9-5 desk jobs. The sudden shift to remote work caused by COVID-19 opened the tax profession's eyes to a unique opportunity.
  • Managing Supply and Demand Tensions in Tax

    In surveying our TaxTalent database, we found current tax professionals possess nearly half a million years of experience.