5 Methods to Build a Team That Employees Want to be a Part Of

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As children, we blossomed among team settings. When a teacher grouped us into teams, we were excited to conquer the task at hand with our fellow classmates. We gave our very best to earn our place on a sports team, and our teammates often became our best friends. We even took the liberties of forming our own teams for a friendly game of basketball on the playground. Why, then, have we grown to resent teams as adults, when we once thrived in teamwork as children? Quite a number offactors are responsible, such as our self-ambitions, but a main problem is that we have turned our focus solely to the end goal and have lost sight of building a team that will get us there. Since we’ve already addressed why teambuilding is important in our article “5 Reasons Why Team Building is Crucial for Your Business,” let’s look at how we can build a team that both functions and endures.

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