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About AdminiSMART

AdminiSMART is something new. We do not "sell" anything. We are not a PEO or ASO. We do not directly provide payroll, HR, benefits, unemployment cost control, or any of the services relating to Human Resources Outsourcing. Instead, we listen, assess your needs, and, based on those needs, recommend the services of local vendors that are fully vetted and truly best in class. The mission is to save you time and money. Then, we stay in touch to make sure that any solution we recommended is delivering results.

Here are the Top Ten Reasons to Talk to AdminiSMART:

We literally have hundreds of ways to help our clients save money and improve HRO processes. Here are a few:

One: Cut the cost to provide health insurance by up to 30%.

Two: Decide which approach makes sense for your organization -- a single source provider like a PEO or ASO, or an unbundled approach.

Three: Get a six figure refund on overpaid unemployment taxes.

Four: Assess your voluntary benefits program. With 200 insurance carriers competing in the market, your employees are likely paying too much and getting too little.

Five: Implement a Work Opportunity Tax Credit program and save thousands on every qualifying new hire.

Six: Upgrade your payroll system to a powerful end-to-end HRIS solution.

Seven: Supplement your executive's 401(k) with non-qualified solutions.

Eight: Meet a great HR Consultant.

Nine: No Cost/No Obligation HRO Audit followed by great advice.

Ten: Free Upgrade to your employee benefits program - discount portal.

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By AdminiSMART

Processing payroll in the cloud doesn’t mean you’re alone. Our 3-step system is easy to use and our service team is on hand when you need them. So, dismiss your tax anxiety. Once your payroll is done, so are your taxes.We guarantee 100% tax compliance with federal, state and local regulations. Read more »

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1) Integration Online Payroll integration means time spent manually managing time cards is cut in half. 2) Secure Time Tracking We provide disaster recovery and track any time a change is made to your account for easy auditing. 3) No IT Department Needed Our cloud-based software eliminates... Read more »

By AdminiSMART

Today businesses of all sizes can streamline administration, ensure compliance, and improve communication through HRIS technology. Most payroll service bureaus -- big and small -- offer this option. Simply put, you probably cannot afford to not implement an HRIS solution if you haven't... Read more »

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