• Wait for Talent OR Hire Average???

    Should you wait to hire top talent, or just hire average, or even below average?
  • Thrive After Covid

    Has your business growth been in lockdown due to the pandemic? Are you ready for the economy to fully rebound and your business to prosper as it was before the pandemic? As a business leader, what actions are you taking to ensure your organization is ahead of the competition once...
  • Diversity & Inclusion, do you PASS?

    SelectionLink conducted an Adverse Impact Case Study which included over 42,000 Pre-Employment Assessment Interviews conducted on applicants from a variety of positions, ranging from entry level to executive level. The results are astounding!
  • HR Tech TOP 10 Assessment Solution Providers - 2020

    Up until recently, candidates applying for jobs had to be physically present in the testing centers in order to give their pre-employment assessments. Today, however, they need to look no further than their phones to complete the tests.
  • Validating Your Assessment Interviews

    FCC Services recently undertook a project to validate and redesign seven interviews utilized throughout Farm Credit to support associations’ hiring decisions, working with SelectionLink, a vendor partner that delivers talent assessment, recruitment and development services including the...
  • Should you Require a College Degree?

    You see it often, at the bottom of a job posting: Bachelor Degree required. Perhaps it is a staple on the job postings you publish for your company. Have you ever thought about why this is there and if it is really important?
  • Is Your Selection of Account Executives Based on an Outdated Model of Success?

    The evolving aspects of an Outstanding Account Executive” Can a top Account Executive of 20 years ago still be successful in today’s complex and competitive sales environment? Are the same sales attributes of yesteryear still critical today? Do today’s Account Executives need to use their...