White Papers by SelectionLink

  • Diversity & Inclusion, do you PASS?

    SelectionLink conducted an Adverse Impact Case Study which included over 42,000 Pre-Employment Assessment Interviews conducted on applicants from a variety of positions, ranging from entry level to executive level. The results are astounding!
  • HR Tech TOP 10 Assessment Solution Providers - 2020

    Up until recently, candidates applying for jobs had to be physically present in the testing centers in order to give their pre-employment assessments. Today, however, they need to look no further than their phones to complete the tests.
  • Validating Your Assessment Interviews

    FCC Services recently undertook a project to validate and redesign seven interviews utilized throughout Farm Credit to support associations’ hiring decisions, working with SelectionLink, a vendor partner that delivers talent assessment, recruitment and development services including the...
  • Should you Require a College Degree?

    You see it often, at the bottom of a job posting: Bachelor Degree required. Perhaps it is a staple on the job postings you publish for your company. Have you ever thought about why this is there and if it is really important?