People Element Launches Native Key Engagement Driver Analysis

Press Release from People Element

The People Element platform has just made it even easier and faster to know what is driving engagement in your organization. Our new Key Engagement Driver feature uses data science to automatically identify the specific drivers of engagement based on your survey results.

The data analysis pinpoints the questions that have the most impact on the engagement level of your workforce and identifies them with a blue key icon. Your dashboard will identify the top 5 highest driver impact questions in real-time while Summary and Hotspot reports allow for additional drill-down views of your specific key driver questions.

To improve your workforce engagement, it’s important to understand what motivates your people and drives them to be invested in their work. When you know what specific factors impact and drive engagement in your organization, you have the confidence to take action in the areas that matter most.

People Element has been measuring and learning from engagement trends for years. Our research has found a significant relationship exists between employee engagement and a host of critical organizational outcomes including job performance, turnover, productivity, safety, and customer satisfaction. Engagement is a leading indicator of business outcomes, and thus, should be utilized to guide the actions of your leaders and managers.

People Element helps you understand, engage, inspire, and retain your employees like never before. We give you the ease, speed, and confidence to act on the things that matter most to the success of your business. With better insights and proven outcomes, we help drive meaningful positive change within organizations.

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