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  • Employee Engagement Surveys

    AN ENGAGEMENT SOLUTION THAT GOES BEYOND TRADITIONAL “MEASURE AND MONITOR”. As recent events have illustrated, workplace needs are dynamic. Shouldn’t how you listen and engage your employees be as well? We know that employee engagement shows up in many ways. That’s why People Element provides you... Read More
  • Exit Interviews

    KEYING INTO THE INSIGHT FROM THE EMPLOYEES YOU LOSE Every organization deals with turnover, but most miss the mark when it comes to understanding the real reasons behind why those people left and connecting those reasons to the impact on the business. With exit interviews, you get to understand... Read More
  • People Element Platform

    Intuitive and easy to learn, yet powerful and adaptable to fit your needs and provide actionable workforce insights. The People Element platform is the survey tool designed to help organizations of any size quickly and easily obtain, understand, and act on employee feedback. Save time with... Read More
White Papers by People Element
  • Reimagining Employee Engagement Amid and After the COVID-19 Pandemic By

    Discover how remote work, homeschooling, and other top stressors are impacting engagement and well-being, and learn the actions leaders can take now to help their employees thrive. Read more
  • How to Get Managers to Act on Survey Data By

    Survey data is only valuable when it's acted upon. Find out how to setup action planning that's designed to really work, and best practices for getting others onboard and establishing accountability so that managers will take data to action. Read more
  • Determining The Cause Of First-Year Nursing Turnover By

    While early turnover in any profession is an issue, it's especially problematic in healthcare. Learn what makes first year nursing turnover unique, and strategies and tools that will help address it so you can keep more of the new hires you bring onboard. Read more
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