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  • Personality Assessment Tools

    Employee assessment with a personal touch Whether you’re searching for talent or just looking for how to better manage those already on your team, our personality assessment tools can help. Our suite of Professional DynaMetric Programs (PDP) assessments has the ability to focus in on... Read More
  • New Hire Onboarding

    New employee onboarding best practices for meaningful change Setting new hires up for success while simultaneously reducing early turnover has never been easier. With our New Hire Survey, Check-ins and Onboarding solutions, you don’t have to waste time guessing what new hires are thinking –... Read More
  • Employee Engagement Surveys

    Change the way you view employee engagement Employee engagement is everything. Improving and maintaining an engaged workforce rewards organizations with happier and more productive employees, better morale, lower turnover, more satisfied customers, and a better bottom line. But it’s not enough... Read More
White Papers by People Element
  • Tackling Driver Turnover with Fleet Manager Training By

    Learn what Eagle Transport identified as the top reasons behind their turnover found by using engagement and exit data along with leveraging fleet manager training, resulting in savings of over 20% in turnover costs and an improved management team. Read more
  • Predicting Organizational Re-entry: Work, Leader and Organizational Factors By

    This study examines how constructs measured in exit interviews, like culture, leadership, and workload, relate to intentions to remain in the same career, willingness to return to the same location, and willingness to return to the same department. Read more
  • How Nussbaum Transportation Takes a Different Approach to Employee Engagement By

    In this article we explore how Nussbaum Transportation achieves low turnover and an engaged workforce while facing some of the biggest challenges in the industry. Read more
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