Introducing Our Executive Dashboard: Empowering Organizations with Actionable Insights

Press Release from People Element

[Denver CO, 7/28/2023] – We are excited to announce the launch of our new executive dashboard, a powerful tool to enhance the way organizations analyze survey results and make data-driven decisions. Designed with HR leaders and Executives in mind, our new dashboard offers a comprehensive, high-level view of employee experience key metrics, enabling organizations to unlock valuable insights and drive measurable change.  

The enhanced dashboard introduces a range of new metrics and provides a sleek, intuitive interface. With this dashboard, users can be proactive with predictive metrics, including projected turnover, likely to leave, and likely to stay indicators. These metrics empower organizations to identify potential talent gaps, adjust recruitment strategies, and take preventative actions to enhance employee retention.  

Another key feature of the executive dashboard is the ability to track and analyze employee turnover trends. Organizations gain valuable insights into workforce stability and identify underlying issues that contribute to high turnover rates.  

Additionally, this dashboard offers deep insights into scores by providing category breakdowns and visibility into positive, neutral and negative employee sentiment. This granular analysis allows organizations to pinpoint specific areas for improvement and take targeted action to enhance employee satisfaction and engagement.  

"We are thrilled to introduce our new executive dashboard to our valued customers," said Alison Ough, VP of Research & Development of PE. "By consolidating critical metrics and providing actionable insights in an easy-to-use interface, our dashboard empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions that drive positive change. We can't wait for our customers to experience the power of this enhanced tool."  

The dashboard includes features to measure employee advocacy and satisfaction with the Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS). It also provides the ability to benchmark engagement scores against real employee data and assess engagement improvement. These metrics enable organizations to gauge employee sentiment, benchmark against competitors, and understand overall engagement.  

With the click of a button, the dashboard can be downloaded to easily share actionable insights with leaders and executives. We’ve worked hard so you don’t have to. Our dashboard is easy-to-use and visually engaging. Check it out today!  


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People Element is a leading provider of innovative survey solutions designed to help organizations unlock the full potential of their workforce. People Element helps you understand, engage, inspire, and retain your employees like never before. We give you the ease, speed, and confidence to act on the things that matter most to the success of your business. With better insights and proven outcomes, we help drive meaningful positive change within organizations.  

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