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About Burner Wellness

Burner is ushering in a new era in the employer-driven health and wellness space.

Our goal for you is to keep employees engaged with their wellness goals on a daily basis and connected with every aspect of your wellness program. Burner eliminates the administrative burden that is all too familiar for the individuals that manage wellness programs.

Our "All In One" model means that Burner will deliver employees everything they could possibly ask for in a wellness program.This includes challenges, guided workouts, meditations, and nutrition plans. Burner's intelligent platform leverages data to automate what would normally be manual tasks for a wellness program administrator. This means health risk data, content management, incentive management, and engagement metrics will be available at the touch of a button. (This means less paperwork, and no more spreadsheets!)

Burner is truly the hub for everything wellness at your organization.

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Products by Burner Wellness

By Burner Wellness

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