Cloud 9 Experience and Meditation

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About Cloud 9 Experience and Meditation
  • A WellBeing Consultant:

    Every organization deals with Employee STRESS. What tools do you use to fight off detrimental stress? The Cloud 9 Experience represents 50 years and 500 scientific studies, making Meditation mainstream. Cloud 9 is not superficial, it offers profound rest to offset debilitating stress.

    Cloud 9 Wellness sessions are about 1 hour, and not hypnosis, a belief system, concentration, mindfulness or word repetition. It is an easy-to-learn guided program that REALLY works!.

    Gain rest that is virtually twice as deep as sleep! Cloud 9 is safe, effective and widely accepted for reducing BURNOUT, fatigue and provides countless benefits for a lifetime.

    Available via Zoom or Phone for staff in all locations.

    A composite of ancient methods, Cloud 9 uses natural tendencies of mind and body. Do something new, enjoyable and natural that will make permanent and lasting changes in the way your staff feels. Cloud 9 Experience and Meditation works!
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