Employee Mental Health Providers Compare 76 Companies

Compare mental health programs and counseling services provided to employees through the workplace. Mental health counseling is often part of an employee's EAP benefit package as well as covered as part of the overall health care plan. To improve organizational climate and employee mental health, explore mental health providers to find the best fit with your employee assistance program.

ESI Employee Assistance Group EAP

EAP Employee Assistance Program

Rating: 5/5 - 18 reviews


GET ONE MONTH ON US! Get an additional month with a year contract. That is 13 months of coverage for the price of 12 months! ESI Employee Assistance Group is the nation’s most comprehensive employee assistance program (EAP) delivering more benefits and services for you and your employees to...

Sparrow combines incredible service and modern technology to handle the most painful parts of leave, ensure exceptional employee experience, and assist with compliance for all types of leave in the United States and Canada. Sparrow's dedicated leave experts handle every aspect of leave, from...


Accessible Employee Support


When your employees are going through tough times in their personal lives, they need support. LEAPCare helps human resources managers provide accessible options for individualized and permission-based employee care. Invest in your employees by providing confidential, whole-person care, and...


Better healthcare at a lower cost. It’s possible now with RxGenomix.


RxGenomix uses both data-driven and high-touch approaches to make healthcare more efficient and effective for individuals, and for their employers. With our ExactMeds program, everyone wins. Genetic science has an overwhelming potential to improve healthcare and make it far more efficient,...


Support for Loss


We’re on a mission to change the way the world deals with loss and help employees bring their whole selves back to work. We believe that loss should be less of a burden for every family. It should be less confusing, inefficient, expensive, and emotionally draining. That’s why we built Empathy...

Career Club

Human-centric Outplacement

Rating: 5/5 - 4 reviews


Career Club's NextPlacement focuses first on the human being who has just suffered a loss. By bringing community, empathy, and in some packages, mental health professionals, we make sure that the affected employee is fully supported. We also help activate the job search process by bringing...

Koa Health

Go beyond the session with Koa Health


Koa Care 360: Support your employees with evidence-based mental health care that is as personal as an individual’s experience and comprehensive to manage at a population level with Koa Care 360 by Koa Health. Koa Care 360 by Koa Health eliminates the need for multiple vendors by covering lifestyle,...
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Transform employee engagement with one powerful platform. From employee recognition to corporate wellness, to metrics and analytics, Terryberry has everything you need to transform employee engagement - all conveniently housed in one place. With Terryberry’s comprehensive platform, your...

Calmerry is a comprehensive mental health platform designed for businesses of all sizes. We provide personalized, focused mental health services beyond traditional Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). Our platform matches your employees with licensed counselors within an hour, ensuring rapid...

Tava Mental Health Services for Employers: How Tava Works With People & HR Teams: 1. Leave outreach to us! Leave outreach, onboarding, and support material to us. We'll tailor all of it to meet your employees needs, and preferences. 2. Employees match with a licensed therapist Connecting with Tava's team of therapists is fast, easy,...
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