Getting Your Employees to Stay: Creating a Better Workplace

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Employers hate to hear the phrase “I quit.” And yet, more and more business owners across the nation are in fact hearing those two dreaded words. In the midst of the Great Resignation, employees are leaving their jobs in droves. In November 2021 alone, over 4 million people left their jobs. Among some of the key reasons spurring this trend have been increased individual flexibility along with the desire and opportunity to advance in one’s career. There are other reasons too of course, such as the rising cost of living in conjunction with wage stagnation, general job dissatisfaction, concerns regarding pandemic protocol and safety, the list goes on. The question for many employers becomes, how do you create the type of workplace environment where your employees will want to stay. How do you foster an atmosphere conducive to better employee retention? How do you stem the “I quit”s in favor of the “I really love my job”s? There are numerous factors that make it so that employees want to work for a company. Job satisfaction and overall happiness are paramount. What then is the key to creating the type of environment in which people are happy, in which they actually want to work, and in which they are satisfied with their role?

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