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  • Employee Recruitment and Retention Strategies

    Axcet’s HR consultants help small businesses develop and implement recruiting and retention strategies, equipping them to find, attract and hire top talent. Employee recruitment is a heavy lift. The right steps and decisions pay dividends for years. The wrong ones escalate the demands that... Read More
  • Organizational Development & Strategies

    Axcet HR Solutions is a Kansas City strategic planning consultant that can determine if your organizational structure is more likely to impede or advance your growth goals. Strategic human resources planning helps small businesses connect their organizational goals to their HR capabilities.... Read More
  • Human Resources Compliance

    You can rely on the expert HR compliance specialists at Axcet, whose processes and procedures ensure you’re compliant, mitigating any risks that could lead to potential penalties, fines or charges against you. HR compliance is complicated, nuanced and, honestly, somewhat tedious. And, if you... Read More

Content by Axcet HR Solutions

  • 5 Signs it's Time to Outsource Human Resources (HR) By

    How do you know when it's time to outsource HR? This infographic highlights 5 common reasons business owners give for making the decision to outsource HR. Read more
  • Legal Marijuana: How Employers Can Keep Workplace Productivity from Going Up in Smoke By

    What Are My Rights And Responsibilities? This report answers several important questions if marijuana is legal in your state. Can I still have a drug-free workplace policy? Can I ban medical marijuana use in the workplace? Can I screen job applicants for marijuana use? What should I say about... Read more
  • Employment Reference Checks - What to Ask and Why By

    Bad Hires Are Costly, So... Reference checks are important to get the best possible candidate. In fact, 92% of employers according to SHRM conduct some sort of background check. This report offers some best practices to make the most of this valuable effort. Three Objectives of Reference... Read more

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