White Papers by Spot

  • Witnesses: An untapped resource to tackle harassment at work

    Workplace harassment and discrimination are widespread and experienced by a large number of people. Yet at least 70% of incidents are never reported. Underreporting means that companies don’t hear about issues until they become huge problems that affect everyone.
  • Hotline Hangups

    When it comes to preventing harassment and discrimination at work, the times (and the laws) are changing. Employees expect company leadership to ensure a safe, inclusive workplace, and executives feel positive pressure to build trust and retain top talent. New legislation is catching up to...
  • Want to Tackle Workplace Harassment? AI is Your Secret Weapon

    Approximately 75% of incidents of workplace harassment and discrimination go unreported. That means you’re operating in the dark. But with an AI-based anonymous reporting tool, you can shed light on what’s really happening inside your organization.