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  • Sexual Harassment Training

    Spot’s new sexual harassment training combines inclusive scenarios, insightful survey questions, and anonymous reporting. Available October 2, 2019 Traditional training doesn’t work Traditional training models frequently result in backlash and increased bias. Spot’s training: - Focuses on... Read More
  • Enterprise

    Cultivate a safe, inclusive culture at scale. 500+ employees All features from: +Plus As many admins as you need Customize follow-up questions & FAQ Verify multiple email domains Single sign-on Branded materials: Landing page Posters Educational videos Read More
White Papers by Spot
  • Witnesses: An untapped resource to tackle harassment at work By

    Workplace harassment and discrimination are widespread and experienced by a large number of people. Yet at least 70% of incidents are never reported. Underreporting means that companies don’t hear about issues until they become huge problems that affect everyone. Read more
  • Hotline Hangups By

    When it comes to preventing harassment and discrimination at work, the times (and the laws) are changing. Employees expect company leadership to ensure a safe, inclusive workplace, and executives feel positive pressure to build trust and retain top talent. New legislation is catching up to... Read more
  • Want to Tackle Workplace Harassment? AI is Your Secret Weapon By

    Approximately 75% of incidents of workplace harassment and discrimination go unreported. That means you’re operating in the dark. But with an AI-based anonymous reporting tool, you can shed light on what’s really happening inside your organization. Read more