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Is your organization implementing lean or six sigma? How can HR make sure the human side is not forgotten? Lean for Humans will help with consulting and coaching that puts people at the center, and enhances creativity and innovation.
Creative Problem Solving
Strategic planning
Lean-focused, creative, and people-centric.

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By Lean For Humans

Lean Thinking Your organization is unique. For-profit, or not-for-profit? Start-up, or family-owned? Delivering products or services? Highly automated or hand-made? Digital or analog? Because people are always the heart of any organization, the people-centered principles of lean thinking can help you be more... Read more »

By Lean For Humans

Creative Problem Solving Today’s problems are complex and demand innovation. You and your team can add creativity skills to your problem-solving to drive improvement and deliver innovative products. Lean for Humans can help. Read more »

By Lean For Humans

Strategic Planning Services Where are you going? How will you get there? What problems will you need to solve along the way? Consulting from Lean for Humans brings lean thinking and creative problem solving to your strategic planning process, delivering a plan that you can use daily, not just put on the shelf. Read more »

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