Train the Trainer Programs

Train the trainer programs instruct trainers, coaches, and instructors to ensure they are prepared to present information effectively to their teams. First-party subject matter experts work with managers, supervisors, educators and/or facilitators to impart skills and methodologies so that the material can be taught in a more efficient and cost-effective manner across the organization. Engaging train the trainer consultants or programs to create in-house experts allows for broader reach in the advancement of skills and ultimately improves the workforce by ensuring managers are capable of upskilling or reskilling employees on an ongoing basis. 

Aligned with the coaching core competency, train-the-trainer programs help HR professionals strengthen the culture of coaching across an organization. As a distinction from mentoring, programs that prepare an organization's leaders to become coaches or in-house trainers are often more skill-specific and focused on learning and achieving specific outcomes. Train the trainer programs effectively coach leaders and employees toward shared success.

Explore the following list of train the trainer programs to find the best model to support the growth and development of your organization.

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HR Unlimited, Inc.

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Rating: 5/5 - 33 reviews

HR Unlimited, Inc.'s Train-the-Trainer Programs are expertly designed to elevate your expertise in EEO, AAP, and Diversity principles while helping you implement effective Good Faith Efforts (GFEs). With our accredited HRCI certification, you will be poised to maintain your PHR or SPHR designation, enhance your professional growth, and maximize career opportunities. Our DCS Certification offers a wealth of knowledge to trainers, offered at no cost, and will set you apart as a leader and true specialist in the field, equipping you with the skills and knowledge to make impactful contributions to your organization and peers.

Center for Internal Change

Proven Training and Development Solutions

Rating: 5/5 - 1 review

Center for Internal Change provides an on-demand Train-the-Trainer program under the banner of 'Everything DiSC Essentials', designed to cultivate DiSC professionals with a rich understanding of the DiSC model and report interpretation. Our versatile program targets facilitators, team leaders, managers, and HR professionals, ensuring a broad reach and organizational impact. Participants get access to interactive content to keep DiSC alive within their organizations.

HR Works

Your Partner For Everything HR

Rating: 5/5 - 49 reviews

HR Works aspires to elevate organizational capability through its all-encompassing Train-the-Trainer Programs designed to nurture effective leadership and drive peak performance at all employee levels. Our training blends compliance with state and federal employment laws with best practices for workforce relations, furnishing HR professionals with an integrated skill set to manage workplace issues and make insightful employment decisions. We deliver fully scalable, practical training solutions that can be tailored to individual company needs and delivered in various formats, all to meet your unique scheduling and budgetary requirements.

EngagedLeadership, LLC

Executive & Corporate Coaching Services

Rating: 5/5 - 11 reviews

EngagedLeadership, LLC delivers a cutting-edge Train-the-Trainer Program designed to amplify participants' leadership capabilities and drive organizational success. Our Group Training sessions employ highly interactive methodologies, spanning from focused mindset development to practical skill integration, ensuring learners can immediately apply their newfound knowledge to real-world situations. With a blend of onsite, virtual, and hybrid training options and a curriculum tailored for every leadership level, EngagedLeadership empowers your organization's trainers with the tools to navigate complex challenges and foster long-lasting impact within your teams.

HR Learning Center LLC.

Leaders in HR Training

HR Learning Center LLC offers comprehensive Train the Trainer programs within a dynamic online learning system, dedicated to promoting safer and more respectful work environments. Our meticulously crafted online courses, including those addressing sexual harassment, cultivate practical skills and impart crucial strategies for managing and preventing harassment effectively at all levels. Leveraging our e-Learning LMS platform, HR Learning Center LLC empowers trainers with the knowledge and tools they need, fostering better communication, heightened awareness, and an enriched ethos throughout your organization.

ABA Technologies, Inc.

Improving Lives Through the Science of Behavior

ABA Technologies, Inc. delivers an intensive train-the-trainer with 8-hour supervision training tailored for well-versed behavior analysts who are presiding over BCBA, BCaBA, and RBT® candidates. Our comprehensive training, meticulously aligned with the seven content areas of the BACB's Supervisor Curriculum Training Outline 2.0, ensures mentors are equipped with cutting-edge supervision tools and methodologies. Guided by instructors with vast personal and professional experience, we ensure a transformative supervision experience that enriches both the supervisors and the candidates they guide.

True Colors International Consulting & Training leverages robust Personality and Success Certification Programs that empower trainers to lead transformational workshops, enhancing personal awareness and organizational productivity. Our tailor-made, immersive programs offer insights into personality traits and learning styles, fostering effective communication, team building, and conflict navigation within an organization. As a True Colors facilitator, trainers can deliver captivating workshops and unlock advanced certifications, strengthening relationships and productivity within dynamic, collaborative work environments.

Idea Learning

Never Boring – Always on Brand – Custom Training

Rating: 5/5 - 9 reviews

Idea Learning integrates a combination of traditional and innovative learning strategies to foster an immersive, learner-centric experience. Our programs blur the lines between play and learning, enabling trainers to leverage the transformative power of games & experiential learning, interactive workshops, and engaging custom-crafted e-learning content. Idea Learning empowers instructors to cultivate diverse, inclusive, and dynamic learning environments celebrating 'Cafeteria Learning', where each learner constructs a personalized, impactful educational journey that transforms your trainers into catalysts for profound learning and organizational change.

Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH)

Talent Mobility Solutions at Every Level for Every Employee

Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH) innovatively bridges the gap between workforce needs and individual skills through our comprehensive Train-the-Trainer programs. Together with General Assembly, a pioneer in education and career transformation, we offer intensive bootcamp-style training in essential areas such as data analytics, UX design, software engineering, and more. Our transformative programs create not just trainers but skilled leaders equipped to guide others towards fulfilling and growing careers, bolstering talent pools, and driving organizational success.

Cultural Intelligence Center

Cultural Competency & Cultural Intelligence Training

Cultural Intelligence Center offers customizable Train-the-Trainer programs geared towards reducing implicit bias in healthcare, utilizing the transformative power of Cultural Intelligence (CQ). We offer you on-site or virtual training with a live instructor for 6–8 hours to complete, a comprehensive suite of tools and methodologies that adapt to your institution's size and specific training needs. We ensure that internal trainers are well-prepared to foster a culturally intelligent culture, supporting your organization's DEI strategies and patient care.

Force of Awesome Institute - A Train the Trainer Program (Virtual, in-person): Let’s face it. The job of an HR professional can be overwhelming, and demands the individual have talent for policy, challenging conversations, fostering positive work culture and a whole host of duties as assigned. Key among those duties is the delivering of mandatory training programs. As...
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Pottinger and Associates Consulting

Leadership Development

Rating: 5/5 - 3 reviews

Five Behaviors Certified Practitioner: The Five Behaviors® Certification offers practitioners a proven way to create a lasting impact on individual and organizational performance. In this two-week course combining live, instructor-led sessions with self-guided online learning, participants will build their confidence and expertise...
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Learning Management System Solution Provider

Brainier revolutionizes Train-the-Trainer programs by providing an interactive platform for learners to practice, self-assess, and refine their presentation and communication skills through video. Leveraging AI Coach for real-time feedback, our program offers a trio of structured assessment workflows designed to enhance critical thinking and real-world problem-solving abilities. Our system not only allows for personalized learning experiences with immediate feedback for your trainers but also elevates the evaluation process using key performance metrics and tonal analysis, fostering a deeper insight into trainers' developmental progress.

HR Source Staffing

Human Resource Staffing and Placement

HR Source Staffing offers a diverse range of Train-the-Trainer Program, leveraging the most innovative training methodologies to develop aptitude in critical focus areas such as diversity, inclusion, harassment, and organizational training. Our seasoned trainers stay abreast of emergent techniques, equipping your in-house trainers with strategic insights to enhance LMS facilitation and augment their overall efficiency. We're committed to supporting not only the vocational development of your trainers but also facilitating the cultivation of an inclusive, respectful, and high-performing work environment.

Manager Training Package: The options below can be deployed to provide live training at your more populous locations, while managers and supervisors at smaller locations or who are unable to attend live sessions may take the lessons online. Managing a Safe and Respectful Workplace, 2020 Edition (facilitated training for...
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Rating: 5/5 - 3 reviews

Tilt365's Laser Coaching Masterclass offers a unique, ICF- and SHRM-certified approach to Train-the-Trainer programs. Grounded in evidence-based methods, participants develop transformational coaching skills that break repetitive cycles, empowering them to facilitate meaningful change in individuals. The 4-month certification program combines expertly curated multimedia content, live practice sessions, and mentorship from highly experienced instructors to create transformational change for both participants and organizations.


Governance, Risk and Compliance GRC Software

NAVEX's is uniquely crafted to empower leaders in mastering GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) and ensuring teams are equipped with the right skills to make ethical decisions in their daily work. Designed for compliance officers, HR personnel, information security experts, and more, the program offers leaders a comprehensive suite of resources, including integrated GRC software and expert guidance, to gain not just theoretical knowledge but also practical expertise, ensuring a leveled-up approach to risk management, ethics, and culture building tailor-fit for their specific roles within the organization.


Better Teams. Better Results.

Rating: 5/5 - 10 reviews

WorkDove revitalizes the concept of train-the-trainer programs, providing a unique blend of technology-enabled, people-focused training support to amplify talent effectiveness. Leveraging intuitive functionalities such as goal tracking, performance analytics, and feedback documentation, our platform shapes future trainers into influential leaders. With WorkDove, training is more than just instruction—it's a transformative journey that drives productive interactions, fosters career growth, and catalyzes business outcomes.

Emergenetics International

The foundation for positive, productive workplace cultures

Associate Certification: For those who want to become an Emergenetics practitioner, we offer our Associate Certification program. Attendees gain the knowledge and skills they need to effectively deliver Emergenetics programming and workshops. Designed for in-house Human Resources and Talent Development professionals as...
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Effective Presentations Inc

Overcome Your Fear. Stand Out. Get Noticed. Be Heard!

Rating: 5/5 - 11 reviews

Effective Presentations Inc. offers transformative Train-the-Trainer programs, honing skills in public speaking, messaging, and impactful presentation, both in-person and virtually. Our immersive workshops provide practical exercises, valuable feedback, and real-time progress tracking. Effective presentations empower your trainers to deliver compelling, results-driven presentations that inspire and leave a lasting impact, meet professional objectives and accelerate career development, empowering them to inspire and lead others effectively.


Rating: 5/5 - 17 reviews

Business and Learning Resources (BLR) presents a robust and sophisticated Train the Trainer Program's Training Management suite, specifically designed to streamline the delivery and documentation components of training across diverse organizational landscapes. Our digital platform aids in creating site-specific and corporate-wide training programs, employing data-informed features such as customizable quizzes, progress monitoring, and multiple validation methods. Designed to be ISO-compliant, our system helps your training managers enhance compliance, promote safety best practices, and foster a culture of continuous learning within their organizations.

Center for Individual & Organizational Effectiveness

Center For Individual & Organizational Effectiveness

Rating: 5/5 - 7 reviews

Training for Trainers and Presenters: We enjoy working with colleagues. These are some of the services we offer for professional trainers, coaches, facilitators & presenters: - Train-the-Coach - Train-the-Trainer - Train-the-Facilitator - Professional Presentation and Speaking - Designing/Developing Training Curriculum -...
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Talent Edge Group

Transforming Leaders and Organizations for Lasting Impact

Rating: 5/5 - 5 reviews

Talent Edge Group offers customized Train-the-Trainer programs that address the leadership development needs at all levels within organizations, fostering prioritized and high-performance teams through innovative tools and strategies. Our programs, such as Level Up Leadership Foundations, focus on strengths-based approaches, emotional intelligence, teamwork, and effective action planning. By partnering with Talent Edge Group, your trainers and leaders will experience the transformational impact of targeted learning and coaching, ensuring the successful transfer and application of knowledge and skills for overall organizational success.

SpruceHR specializes in developing all-encompassing Train-the-Trainer programs designed to enhance the knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies (KSAOs) of your trainers to meet your business needs effectively. Our bespoke services, from meticulous Needs Assessments to the implementation of Training Program Designs, equip your organization's leaders with tested techniques that close competency gaps and foster a dynamic knowledge-sharing culture through internal social networks, mentorship programs, and a host of learning activities geared towards driving peak performance, succession planning, and sustained organizational growth.


Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

iPEC offers a unique Train the Trainer program that incorporates an ICF-accredited coach training program, designed to equip participants with the tools, mentorship, and practice to become an efficient leadership coach. Our holistic program offers extensive modules covering core coaching principles, the Energy Leadership™ index, and the COR.E Dynamics™ system, which are instilled via live training, virtual education, and interactive experiences. Our training empowers individuals to effectively lead and inspire teams, drive change, and maximize productivity within their organizations.

Lean For Humans

Strategic Planning | Management Consulting Services

Lean For Humans offers dynamic Train-the-Trainer programs fostering Lean thinking and creative problem-solving skills to optimize for your unique organizational dynamics. With a heart-centered approach, our training enables participants to apply problem-solving and Lean methods effectively in their own contexts. By equipping trainers with our unique blend of Lean principles, leadership coaching, and creative thinking, we ensure your organization is ready to meet complex challenges head-on, fostering continuous improvement and encouraging innovative practices.

HPN Worldwide, Inc. delivers robust Train-the-Trainer programs, bolstered by an array of over 1,400 e-lesson topics and 500 videos, along with detailed learning centers. Our tailored training methodologies aim to infuse trainers with a versatile skill set in areas such as healthcare safety, prevention strategies, and stress resilience. By integrating our comprehensive online resources and state-of-the-art platform with the offer of expert trainers for onsite or virtual sessions, we ensure your organization has the solid foundations to build an enlightened, safe, and health-conscious workforce.

Flex HR's Train the Trainer HR Bootcamp program is an immersive, tactical training experience designed to equip trainers with the practical HR skills needed to drive business success, specially developed for business owners, CEOs, CFOs, HR Directors, HR Managers, or those with a hand in the HR roles at your company. Our highly engaging, multifaceted program equips trainers with critical skills to navigate evolving HR landscapes, offering vibrant modules on compliance, employee engagement, talent management, and beyond. We provide extensive support, fostering a strong understanding of HR practices, local compliance laws, and strategies to address emerging HR challenges promoting stellar organizational performance.

Bodhih Training Solutions propels aspiring trainers to the forefront of professional development with its coveted Train the Trainer Certification, deemed among the world's top 7 by industry experts. This robust blended learning program combines online pre-training, four days of intensive classroom interaction, and a comprehensive 40-day post-training support system, featuring micro e-learning sessions for continual skill enhancement. Participants emerge with heightened training competencies, ready to make a substantial impact and enhance brands in the evolving landscape of corporate learning and development.

Randstad RiseSmart, in collaboration with its certified career coaches, transcends regular training paradigms by offering in-depth, personalized Train-the-Trainer programs. We guide participants through enhancing skills and fostering strategic relationships to help organizations foster a conducive work environment, improve talent retention, and develop a high-performing, engaged workforce.

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