Adaptive Immersion Brings SOF Into the Simulation at SOF Week, 2023

Press Release from by Adaptive Immersion

Tampa, Florida – Adaptive Immersion is taking Special Operations Forces (SOF) training into the Simulation at SOF Week, 2023. The team showcased a variety of solutions in the works for Special Operations personnel. Using their AI-based Intelligent Scenario Tech -the backbone for adaptive training- Adaptive Immersion has created software that allows for endless, varied mission play-throughs, while also ensuring simulated tasks can be adapted to create a consistent level of challenge for individual trainees.

Using their Intelligent Scenario Tech, Adaptive Immersion is working to revolutionize the training process. By immersing each candidate into the hyper-realistic, interactive VR environment, you are able to test their decision-making skills and contingency planning abilities in real time while affording each candidate every tool they need to excel in even the most high-risk scenarios. Designed for multiple MOS (Military Occupational Specialties) these gamified assessments measure key traits needed for the most extreme job tasks – including grit, adaptability, mental endurance, teamwork, and leadership while providing unparalleled insight into each individual warrior. These simulations also allow each candidate to train confidently while making training safer, more efficient, and more accessible.

Because when it comes to special operations missions, every second matters .

Tampa-based Adaptive Immersion specializes in game-based, adaptive training technology and digital talent assessments. Most recently, AIT was chosen by STRIKEWERX Air Force Global Command to develop an immersive training experience for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD.)

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