Adaptive Immersion and Boost Innovation Gather at Synapse Summit 2023 to Launch FLW Analytics

Press Release from by Adaptive Immersion

Tampa, Florida – Adaptive Immersion and Boost Innovation have gathered February 14th, 2023, in Tampa for the annual Synapse Summit, the place where innovation lives, to launch their newest product- FLW Analytics. FLW Analytics is a first of its kind, AI-powered, sport-specific, tactical IQ software engineered to enhance players’ mental game. Using methodology and data from Boost Innovations work on the GRW project and proprietary, military-grade software developed by Adaptive Immersion, FLW Analytics aims to analyze and build flow state conditions within any group, team, or athlete.

FLW Analytics measures key player attributes including:

  • ITC: Implicit Team Coordination
  • LGO: Learning Goal Orientation
  • MTP: Maximum Typical Performance
  • CON: Concentration
  • COR: Cognitive Interface Resistance
  • ALT: Altruism
  • PGO: Performance Goal Orientation
  • ACT: Action Orientation

FLW Analytics is a tactical assessment designed to enhance the performance of sports teams in a way never seen before while providing a comprehensive performance management solution for pro and developing athletes. FLW Analytics was developed in proud partnership between Adaptive Immersion and Boost Innovation.

”FLW Analytics is a product that Phil and I have been developing together in partnership with high performance coaches for years." said FLW co-creator and Boost Innovation founder, Ken King, "It’s exciting to see something this intuitive as available as I know that the day to day lives of both coaches and athletes will be impacted by incorporating this into their high 

performance programming. Boost’s partnership with AIT is one we are really looking forward to continuing in the coming years as international collaboration in the sport industry is so highly effective in creating truly unique and effective product offerings.”


About Adaptive Immersion

Tampa-based Adaptive Immersion specializes in game-based, pre-employment assessments. Adaptive Immersion used their proprietary stealth assessment technology to put cutting-edge technology in the hands of every human resource professional. They have made it their mission to develop personnel staffing and training technology innovations that improve workplace performance and provide a predictive, engaging, and fair assessment experience. Most recently, AIT was chosen by StrikeWerx Air Force Global Command to develop an immersive training experience for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD).


About Boost Innovation

Calgary-based Boost Innovation is dedicated to a comprehensive modern measurement of human experience, propelled by technology. Focused on training, tracking, and technology in group culture and performance. The team at Boost believe that better understanding how to connect to each other (and ourselves), with data and technology, we build better performance and higher ROI for their clients than widely used methods like survey data.

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