10/25/21- SHRM- TLB

Top 5 Success Indicators for Your Change Implementation Approach

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Without question a running debate when implementing change in an organization is what the antecedents of success are. Yes, you have to do things right, at the right time – which are the success factors of a change. But how do you know you have what you need to enable your organization to succeed? It’s a hot topic in the change community, especially as a consequence of COVID and the acceleration to almost 100% virtual working in many cases. What are the most important requirements to make a change effort succeed? Is what you select – or get stuck with – in implementing change, relevant to the success of the implementation effort? And is there an order to the chaos – are some decisions consequential vs others? Based on a recent query of global change experts, we present the revised top 5 elements deemed most critical to making the change component of your implementation effort successful – i.e. what is considered fit-for-purpose in the change community?

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