12/15/20 SHRM Leaderboard
Products by ChangeVU
  • Change Risk Assessment for Remote Teams

    Are you looking to: - Reduce uncertainty and improve real-time alignment in your implementation teams? - Increase your ability to replicate and scale implementation success? - Enable your teams to rapidly develop & apply change capability? ChangeVU’s change risk assessment is a mobile... Read More
  • Virtual Change Management Office

    Need change advisory services tailored to your level of need? Would you like to have change expertise delivered virtual when and where you need it? Optimize your mix of change expertise through ChangeVU’s virtual CMO: - Define your change needs and configure a fit-for-purpose support... Read More
  • Automated Change Applications

    Accelerate delivery of your change through automated change activities. Nudge your organization to faster, smarter, more reliable change: - Digitalize your change environment – automate, replicate & leverage change activities - Set success-based, customized change dashboards and analytics -... Read More
White Papers by ChangeVU
  • Applying Change Management to Agile Processes By

    What is the best way to integrate change activities into Agile processes? This is the answer we set out to address in this post. Read more
  • Change Management Lessons from FLW (Front Line Workers) By

    What did FLW and FLL (Front Line Leaders) do well from a “Managing Change” point of view during the pandemic? This post is admittedly a first look – we will come back to this in the near future. Read more
  • Top 5 Success Indicators for Your Change Implementation Approach By

    Without question a running debate when implementing change in an organization is what the antecedents of success are. Yes, you have to do things right, at the right time – which are the success factors of a change. But how do you know you have what you need to enable your organization to... Read more