436 Hengfeng Road, Greentech Tower
Shanghai, 200070

About HROne

Founded in 2005, HROne is one of the very few non-state owned but fully licensed foreign enterprise service companies in China (CN FESCO), Taiwan and Hong Kong. Our bi-lingual team serves our clients with high-level quality, compliant methods, efficient local execution, tailor-made services, and cost-effective results.

HROne specializes in employment solutions (PEO/employee leasing/ employment services/employer record), payroll and mandatory benefits administration. We target international SMEs (the local headcounts between 1 and 500) and startups as our major clients. The PEO service (employ employees on behalf of our clients) allows the Representative Office (Rep Office) or foreign companies who has no local legal entity, safely and legally hire Chinese employees in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

HROne’s head offices are located in Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu, Hong Kong and San Jose (of USA). We can be your one contact window to manage your China, Taiwan and Hong Kong HR issues.

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Products by HROne

By HROne

HROne offers employment outsourcing solutions, also known as Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services or Employer of Record in Greater China. Our PEO services are built for foreign companies whose business operations require to hire local or foreign employees in China. While all... Read more »

By HROne

HROne offers customizable payroll solutions to foreign SME and start-ups operating in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Our payroll & tax services effectively streamline your company’s payroll management. Our payroll experts will compute your employees’ monthly salary in accordance to all... Read more »

By HROne

Foreign companies starting a business in China market must identify which legal and administrative requirements will be needed to operate their business activities in a safe legal environment in China. Previously, the common and traditional business expansion model was to set up a legal entity.... Read more »

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