SentryHealth Redefines Employee Wellness with Well-Being Management Program

Press Release from SentryHealth

SentryHealth, an industry leader in workplace health management, has announced the release of  WellOnMyWay, an innovative well-being management program that redefines employee health and wellness. WellOnMyWay expands on SentryHealth’s expertise in effectively managing chronic disease to apply principles of success to treat the whole person – physically , mentally, emotionally, and financially.    

It has become clear that traditional wellness programs have failed to improve overall health and well-being while controlling health care costs. As a result, WellOnMyWay unites the power of technology, advanced analytics, evidence-based programs, and high – touch engagement to drive meaningful clinical and financial outcomes for both employers and employees .    

With WellOnMyWay well-being management program, employees are guided and supported on personalized journeys to improve health and wellness. From a physical health perspective,  guidance centers on addressing high cost, life limiting conditions and underlining health risks as well as high service utilization to curb costs through alternative, digital programs supported by expert health coaches and care navigators. Mental and emotional health programs focus on stress, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. Financial programs assist employees in better managing finances and planning for the future.  

Unlike traditional health and wellness programs, with WellOnMyWay, employees experience better health literacy, sustained behavior change, and clinical, emotional, and financial success. Employers experience greater return on investment (ROI) and value on investment (VOI), better  employee satisfaction, and improved recruitment and retention.  

“We know that health and wellness isn’t one-size fits all. Many employers are dissatisfied with the results of their employee wellness program. Our approach to well-being management is like no other,” said J. Kevin Porter, SentryHealth CEO. “We raise the bar through smart design, easy access, robust personalization, and active outreach. We offer and fully manage everything an employer needs to drive an effective wellness strategy that improves employee health and happiness while addressing the rising cost of health care .”  

For more information about  implementing  WellOnMyWay  well-being management program in your  workplace, visit  the company’s website at  

About SentryHealth:  

SentryHealth drives better health and wellness nationwide through personalized, full-service well-being management solutions. Their unique, technology-driven approach redefines employee wellness through a unique fusion of advanced analytics, industry-leading wellness programs, and high-touch employee outreach and incentive management.  Learn more by visiting .  

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