TestGorilla Raises $ 1.2m as COVID-19 Fuels a Shift to Remote Hiring

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TestGorilla Raises $ 1.2m as COVID-19 Fuels a Shift to Remote Hiring

The Rise of Remote Work Led to Accelerated Growth for Online Skills Assessment Platform

11/18/20, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Pre-employment testing software company TestGorilla ​ announced today that it raised US$ 1.2M in seed funding from CapitalT and a group of international angel investors. The announcement comes as TestGorilla reports receiving 150 free trial signups a day from companies around the world.

Founded by serial entrepreneur Wouter Durville and former Bain & Company partner Otto Verhage, TestGorilla is an online skills assessment platform that launched this summer. The company aims to make hiring more efficient and less biased, by allowing organizations to use skills assessments at the top of the hiring funnel .

“We believe that TestGorilla has launched at the perfect time,” Eva de Mol, founder of CapitalT said. “There’s a real need to increase efficiency early in the hiring process as companies new to remote hiring are being flooded with more resumes than they can review.”

In addition to assessments, TestGorilla provides one-way video interviewing functionality. As the trend towards remote hiring continues, this feature has led to an increase in user adoption. 

Also contributing to the company’s rise is its focus on reducing the impact of hiring bias. Events in the United States have highlighted the opportunity for leaders in the HR tech space to make a positive impact in the fight for equality.

“The importance of diversity has never been more clear,” Durville said. “We developed TestGorilla to allow hiring teams to focus on qualified candidates more efficiently and without hiring discrimination .”

Durville says that TestGorilla will primarily invest the funds into developing new features and adding new tests to TestGorilla’s growing library of over 120 tests. 

About TestGorilla: TestGorilla is an online skills assessment platform with one-way video interviewing functionality. The company’s remote team serves recruiters, HR professionals, hiring managers, and hiring teams in more than 40 countries. TestGorilla is registered in the Netherlands.

About CapitalT: CapitalT is a seed stage VC that invests in software technology companies. The fund focuses on digital health, education, B2B SaaS with an emphasis on discovering high quality founding teams. In order to find these teams, CapitalT relies on proprietary technology to evaluate each company.

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