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About TestGorilla

Looking to hire the most capable candidates? Let TestGorilla’s comprehensive assessments help you to identify top talent.

Our extensive library of skill tests provides the best predictive value to help you quickly and accurately evaluate job applicants' abilities. With a growing test selection, available in 12 languages, you can assess candidates on various skills, such as cognitive ability, programming, and language proficiency.

With TestGorilla, you can use various question types to conduct one-way video interviews, review portfolios, and more. This means you can be confident that you're selecting the most qualified candidates. No more mis-hires!

Want to predict real-world job performance and build a dream team? Get started with TestGorilla today.

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By TestGorilla

TestGorilla provides you with the best tools to screen your candidates so you can make better, faster, and easier hiring decisions. 1. Create high-quality assessments, fast. 2. Connect with candidates by sending email invites directly from TestGorilla or straight from your ATS. Have a long... Read more »

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The State of Skills-Based Hiring 2022

The State of Skills-Based Hiring 2022

The State of Skills-Based Hiring 2022

By TestGorilla

The data reveals that companies implementing skills-based hiring methods are achieving remarkable outcomes across five essential metrics. Notably, 89.8% of organizations have witnessed a decrease in cost-to-hire, indicating improved efficiency in recruitment processes. Additionally, 91.4% of...
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