SixFifty and Wilson Sonsini Automate over Fifty Employment Policies to Help Companies Manage the Changing Employment Landscape

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PALO ALTO, Calif., March 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- SixFifty today announced that it collaborated with the law firm Wilson Sonsini to automate over fifty employment policies to help companies cope with the changing employment landscape. The project took place in two phases. First, Wilson Sonsini employment law attorneys updated every policy and revised them to account for (1) the COVID-19 pandemic, (2) upcoming COVID-19 vaccines, and (3) a workforce that is more remote, mobile, and diverse. Second, SixFifty taught its proprietary document automation engine to customize the policies based on the specific circumstances of a company, just like an attorney would. SixFifty keeps the documents up to date with changes in the law so the policies keep pace with the rapidly changing legal environment. Companies can generate the employment policies as part of a single employee handbook or a-la-carte. Companies can learn more about the solution at .

"For many companies, employment law can be treacherous, and 2020 has only made things more complicated," said Kimball Dean Parker, CEO of SixFifty. "With the legal landscape changing every week, it's become more and more difficult to keep up and stay compliant. Our automated policies should take much of that burden off HR and legal departments."

SixFifty's new employment policy offering contains four parts. First, companies can take an automated assessment to determine which policies are required based on the number of employees and where employees are located. Second, companies can generate an employee handbook from scratch that contains any combination of the over 50 policies customized to each state's requirements and the company's specific circumstances. Third, companies can draft any of the over 50 specific policies a-la-carte as the need arises. Fourth, SixFifty tracks the law in each state and updates the policies accordingly. Companies receive periodic updates about those changes so they are aware of when they need to refresh their documents.

"It is important for businesses to make sure that their employee handbooks are up-to-date and that they also reflect the current state of the working environment", said Marina Tsatalis, employment law partner and the employment law practice group leader at Wilson Sonsini. "Our work with SixFifty enables businesses of all sizes to implement and maintain a comprehensive employee handbook for today's workplace that complies with the current state of the law in each of the states in which they have employees."

SixFifty's new employment policy offering is the latest in a line of legal products that address issues in employment law. In 2020, SixFifty released products that help companies (1) generate COVID-19 workplace policies, (2) improve their diversity, equity, and inclusion, and (3) comply with California's OSHA's COVID-19 requirements. This new employment policy product rounds out the employment offering to create the most complete service to help companies handle the post-COVID employment law landscape.

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