Back to School: Fears and Solutions for Parents and their Children

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The 2021-22 school year is finally starting! Schools all over the country are slowly opening up but as reports about the new Delta variant increase – parents are understandably concerned for their children’s safety. Even more so, caregivers and parents with children ineligible for a COVID vaccine (under the age of 12) may be even more reluctant to send their children to classrooms. The most common concern voiced by parents constitutes a difficult choice – mined with risks: “Should I send my children to school and risk a COVID-19 infection? Alternatively, should I ask them to remain home and possibly put their mental health and educational development at risk?” These questions and fears are valid. It’s also important to recognize that the pandemic’s disruptive effects have also impacted children deeply. Reports show that many children expressed fear and anxiety about returning to school. There is, however, a way to navigate these valid parental concerns and children’s anxiety.

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