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About Full Circle Confidential Workforce Wellness

  • Founded in 2005 by Derek H. Suite, M.D., and Darcel Dillard, M.S., Full Circle Confidential is an on demand, culturally sensitive, digital mental health workforce wellness platform, dedicated 24/7 to employee wellness. Full Circle is a valuable resource made up of mental health experts, executive coaches, and wellness professionals with significant expertise and experience in workforce wellness and peak performance coaching and counseling.

    Our Full Circle team is especially good at helping staff:
    Manage pandemic related concerns ( uncertsainty, new normals)
    Manage stress, depression, grief and performance anxieties
    Optimize sleep and mental recovery
    Increase grit, confidence & mental toughness
    Sustain positive motivation, attitude & energy
    Master focus, execution & decision-making skills
    Master anger management and conflict resolution
    Navigate workforce and external pressures
    Manage chemical/food dependancies and addictive behaviors

Products by Full Circle Confidential Workforce Wellness

  • Performance and Leadership Coaching

    Confidential Coaching and Counseling for your Company, Organization, and Remote Workforce. We use a wholistic approach to reveal hidden connections and blind spots. We can help your workforce achieve peace of mind, personal happiness, and breakthroughs. Our Performance Coaching will help your... Read More
  • Digital Mental Wellness Platform

    Full Circle is your on demand digital workforce wellness secret weapon for maintaining and achieving peak performance during pandemic times. Our team will help you deepen your understanding of yourself, your teammates, your staff and help you navigate staying mentally engaged and working... Read More

White Papers by Full Circle Confidential Workforce Wellness

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    t’s holiday season and many of us are already making New Year’s resolution. Perhaps we want to accomplish an important occupational or personal goal…maybe some of us want to shed those pounds we gained near the beginning of the pandemic. Whatever goal you have, it is important to realize that... Read more
  • Easy as ABC: Repackaging the Gift of Resilience This Season By

    "The ability to take a 'problem or disappointment' and make something good come of it is a rare gift. Those who possess it are said to have resilience or courage." (Csikszentmihalyi: Flow) Sounds good. But how much more can we take? We gloved up. We did the mask thing. We took the vaccines. We... Read more
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