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  • Venting v.s. Therapy

    The spoken word is one of the oldest forms of communication. Storytelling and folktales were common among people even prior to writing. The power of “healing through words” was recognized early in history from the time of the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks. After all, there’s something very...

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  • No More Stress - The Power of the Mind

    The pandemic has created a sense of shared experience around the globe. As a result, the world has been working together – and focusing on the present – to navigate COVID and its many variants. Officials and scientists had no time to dwell and regret the past and were forced to face the current...

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  • Mental Health Matters

    May is mental health awareness month—a great to pause and ask ourselves where are we mentally, and how can we help make it easier on others who may be struggling with a mental-emotional, or behavioral condition. Nearly 10% of the world’s population suffer from a diagnosable mental...

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