6/21/21-BottomLeaderboard- SHRM

Easy as ABC: Repackaging the Gift of Resilience This Season

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"The ability to take a 'problem or disappointment' and make something good come of it is a rare gift. Those who possess it are said to have resilience or courage." (Csikszentmihalyi: Flow) Sounds good. But how much more can we take? We gloved up. We did the mask thing. We took the vaccines. We did everything that was asked. And here we are again—facing yet another precaution-driven holiday season of taking measures to protect ourselves and our loved ones? Ummm, didn’t we already do this dance last Thanksgiving and Christmas so that we could “freely enjoy” this holiday season? And now, mandated booster shots? And possibly the 4th shot down the line. Really? With everything coming at us, on top of the holiday season, small wonder we feel exasperated and fed up. Tis’ not the season to be jolly for many. Honestly, who could blame anyone for feeling “grumbly and grinchy” this holiday season.

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