10/25/21- SHRM- TLB

Products by Koa Health

  • Foundations Wellness Device

    Designed to help organizations support their teams, Foundations, (formerly Evermind), enables people to take care of their mental wellbeing on their own terms, in a way that’s cost-effective. Our practical tools and evidence-based activities are created by mental health experts to help people... Read More
  • Mindset Wellness Device

    Each year, 57% of people in the US with a mental illness do not receive any treatment. With Mindset, providers can expand their reach and offer additional support to patients outside of scheduled sessions. Designed for people with depression, Mindset offers an eight-step program based on the... Read More
  • Perspectives Wellness Device

    Combining clinically validated therapy with app-based personal support, Perspectives is being developed to provide guided cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with coaching support to patients across a range of disorders. Following years of collaboration with MGH, Perspectives is in a pivotal... Read More