WithHealths Safety Protocols Enable Companies to Return Safely to the Workplace

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SAN DIEGO,   CA  / ACCESSWIRE /  April 19, 2021 /  WithHealth, Inc. (the "Company"), a comprehensive precision-based telehealth provider, is pleased to announce that its services continue to enable companies and their employees to return to their workplaces in a safe production environment.

WithHealth provides on-site Covid-19 testing and monitoring in order for companies to get back to the workplace safely and efficiently. WithHealth's services ensure a safe and healthy working environment with access to testing and rapid results. Under the guidance of WithHealth's virtual nursing staff, baseline test kits are distributed to employees who complete them before getting to office locations, as well as ongoing clinical oversight and on-site test processing.

A case study of WithHealth's value-add is its Workplace Safety Program for Breg, which started in May 2020. Breg, is committed to workplace safety as they provide critical medical devices to orthopedic patients. The second-largest U.S. provider of orthopedic bracing, Breg is partner to 2,500 clinics, over 6,000 orthopedic surgeons, and 1,500 Integrated Delivery Networks, providing sports medicine and rehabilitation products to one million patients annually. As an essential service, the Breg team kept working to continue to serve patient needs yet was challenged with the burden of clinical management of a Covid-19 program for workplace safety.

WithHealth Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Cindy Murphy, stated, "Our protocols, testing, and monitoring ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all involved. Our detailed supervision and monitoring enable companies and their employees to return to an office environment or production set. We are proud to be the trusted Covid-19 test provider by many companies, including entertainment and production companies that are counting on a safe and healthy working environment to be able to timely produce entertainment."

About WithHealth, Inc .

WithHealth, Inc. was founded in 2017 to fill a void of affordable, accessible, and convenient health care. WithHealth™ provides concierge precision healthcare for employees by utilizing genomics, Digital Twin/AI, care coordination, and virtual care, to make healthcare personalized, affordable, proactive, and accessible.

For more information about WithHealth, Inc., please visit https://www.withhealth.com.

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