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  • Workplace Safety COVID-19 Program

    WithHealth™, along with our scientific advisors, has developed a comprehensive Workplace Safety program to help onboard employees back to the workplace and optimize ongoing monitoring and prevention. We work with various types of employers across industries, sizes, and geographies. PROGRAM... Read More
  • Precision Care Employer Health Program

    Our Precision Care Program utilizes genomics, digital twin technology, augmented intelligence, care coordination, and telehealth to make health care personalized, affordable, proactive, and accessible. Employees will undergo lab and genomics testing, receive Precision Care consultations with... Read More
  • Tribal Health Program

    We partner with Tribal Health Departments to create needs-based telehealth programs that enhance and expand existing services, providing accessible, affordable, and immediate care. Our Tribal Health Programs reduce barriers and increase access to quality healthcare through low-cost, HIPAA... Read More
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