WithHealth Provides Telehealth Program to the Skokomish Tribe

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Improving Access and Expanding Whole-Person Care to the Community

SAN DIEGO, CA ( Accesswire ) – April X, 2021 – WithHealth, Inc . (the “Company”), a concierge precision healthcare company for employees, is pleased to announce its work with the Skokomish Tribe in providing its virtual care program to help enable the rural tribe’s COVID-19 response. The program is part of the Rural Tribal COVID-19 Response Grant program and designed to improve access and expand whole-person care to the community.

The Rural Tribal Covid-19 Response grant is complementing the Skokomish Tribe’s ongoing efforts to implement a telehealth program. Specifically, the Skokomish Tribe is purchasing mobile units to be outfitted as COVID-19 mobile clinics, providing temporary housing for members needing to quarantine, and securing remote monitoring equipment to improve access and expand whole-person care to the community.  

WithHealth partners with Tribal Health Departments to create needs-based virtual care programs that expand existing services and improve outcomes, providing accessible, affordable, and immediate care. ( www.withhealth.com/tribal-health-program )

Deb Dunithan, the grants and contracts specialist for the Skokomish Tribe, stated, “ We were also super lucky to find  WithHealth , a provider that has experience providing care to tribal communities. This has really been a true partnership — not client and vendor, and we have been working with them for about three months getting their system to integrate with our electronic health records. I think the most important thing to keep in mind when you are launching a telehealth system is the cost. So, we now have user costs per year from $180 for a Zoom for Health Care, which is totally HIPPA compliant, to $99 per provider per month.”

WithHealth Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Cindy Murphy, commented, “ Our purpose to is enable health for all and we are honored to partner with Skokomish Tribe’s health clinic to improve access to care for the community by providing virtual care services .”

About WithHealth, Inc .

WithHealth, Inc. was founded in 2017 to fill a void of affordable, accessible, and convenient health care. WithHealth™ provides concierge precision healthcare for employees by utilizing genomics, Digital Twin/AI, care coordination and virtual care, to make healthcare personalized, affordable, proactive, and accessible.

For more information about WithHealth, Inc., please visit https://www.withhealth.com .

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