WithHealth Raises the Curtain on a New Covid-19 Testing and Workplace Safety Program to Ensure Broadway Reopens Successfully

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WithHealth is excited to transfer its extensive experience in workplace set safety to the stage

NEW YORK, NY ( Accesswire ) – June 15, 2021 – WithHealth, Inc . (the “Company”), a precision concierge health care company for employees, is thrilled to help Broadway and other professional theatrical productions return to the stage safely. WithHealth already specializes in comprehensive set safety plans for SAG-AFTRA productions. The company has worked with high-profile talent on major streaming and network platforms, and is adept at helping producers meet the requirements set forth by industry unions.

Many successful corporate health partners find themselves unable to match the pace, scope and ever-changing needs of a theatrical production. WithHealth is an exception. WithHealth ensures that there is safety in everything from quick changes to curtain calls and is excited to offer some of the following assistance to its entertainment partners:

-Comprehensive clinical solutions including COVID testing (1–2-hour turnaround), testing management, clinical oversight, contact tracing, and health and safety supervision

-A dedicated team in New York City that has experience working with high profile talent, professional crew and producers

-Clinical and workplace education for leadership and employees (general COVID information, stress & anxiety workshops, etc.)

-A commitment to meeting all of AEA’s clinical guidelines for a fully vaccinated workplace

“Many of our employees are proud members of the performing arts community, and some are even AEA and SAG-AFTRA members who are thrilled to see Broadway and regional theater returning,” says Cindy Salas Murphy, WithHealth Founder and CEO. “We have a deep institutional knowledge of these very special work environments, including auditions, costume fittings, technical rehearsals and performances. We have all been waiting in the wings for this long intermission to be over and are ready to do our part to get actors, designers, Stage Managers and technical crew back on stage.


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WithHealth, Inc. was founded in 2017 to fill a void of affordable, accessible, and convenient health care. WithHealth™ provides precision concierge health care for employees by utilizing genomics, digital twin technology, augmented intelligence, care coordination and virtual care, to make healthcare personalized, affordable, proactive, and accessible.

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