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About LIFE Intelligence

Data to know how your employees feel. Content to help them feel better immediately. LIFE Intelligence is a mobile app that’s as convenient and affordable as Calm or Headspace, but significantly more robust and analytical, giving the breadth of therapy and coaching at less than 1% the time and price.

Our mobile app includes:

1) Immediate problem-solving with an emotional management toolkit. Anxious before a meeting? Try a grounding exercise. Have a hard conversation? Plan with a 7-step walk-through. Cope and communicate on the go.

2) Preventive training with a comprehensive wellness course. Mental health and leadership are intertwined: missed goals, poor decisions, conflicts all contribute to stress, and vice versa. Train your team with hundreds of lessons across mental health, emotional intelligence, goal-setting, time management, decision-making, stress management, relationships, conflict resolution, leadership.

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Products by LIFE Intelligence

By LIFE Intelligence

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