AccessElites Expands Offerings to Help Organizations Thrive Amidst the Great Resignation

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AccessElites Expands Offerings to Help Organizations Thrive Amidst the Great Resignation

All-inclusive employee well-being solutions provider, AccessElite, launches new corporate culture curation and diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging solution.

[NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., November 15, 2021] AccessElite offers the most comprehensive employee wellbeing program on the market with offerings spanning mental, physical, social and emotional wellbeing. As a technology enabled comprehensive solution, AccessElite, is expanding its platform of services to offer companies the tools they need to foster a truly connected culture with data driven high impact solutions.

With 53% of the US workforce currently looking for a job and no end in sight to the great resignation, companies are looking for new ways to foster a better workplace environment, create a more connected culture and reduce burnout amongst employees. 

AccessElite’s new Culture product focuses first on understanding and analyzing the needs of a company through an organizational culture assessment, followed by a high-touch consultative approach to engage employees at all levels and rollout an impactful culture solution that addresses the needs for belonging, inclusion and mental wellbeing. 

This new offering is part of the portfolio of products that include AE Anywhere, AE Connect, AE Events and Health Fairs, and AE Challenge. AE is on a mission to help companies support their employees in deep and meaningful ways, reduce burnout and ensure happy people and connected culture.

To support the rollout of the offering, AccessElite has launched a new and highly engaging website that enables organizations to seamlessly navigate and find solutions to their challenge(s) across their employee’s mental, physical, emotional and social health and wellness.  The responsive site includes an informative user experience, thought leadership articles and a first in class B2B booking platform. 

AccessElite offers diverse content on their proprietary technology platform for easy employee connection with hundreds of virtual team bonding events, open enrollment benefits fairs, DEIB training, corporate challenges, well-being trackers and gamification, and a host of others to provide a holistic health/wellness experience.

For more information about AccessElite and the solutions offered, visit - . AccessElite can also be found across social media, including LinkedIn and Instagram .

About AccessElite

AccessElite is the first comprehensive approach to total employee well-being across PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, SOCIAL health and wellness with programs designed to meet the needs of every employee. With comprehensive offerings spanning mental health, mindfulness, nutrition, fitness, personal development, team building activities, culture and DEIB, AccessElite is a one-stop shop for teams to access the resources they need to invest in themselves, while connecting with each other. AccessElite offers more than just a well-being plan; we help build vibrant, engaged workplace communities around health and wellness.


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