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Medix directs the full potential of leading medical expertise, treatments, and technology to change the course of health. We have delivered personalized and data-driven health responses since 2006, combining the best digital tools with real human presence. Medix now serves over 9 million customers across 90+ countries with support from 300+ in-house doctors and nurses, and a global quality accredited network of 4,500+ specialists and 2,000+ hospitals.

Acting as the essential hub of the health journey, Medix delivers impactful responses to any health need throughout life, including medical prevention & diagnostics, medical management & navigation, rehabilitation, mental health, and telehealth.

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By Medix Global

MEDICAL PREVENTION & DIAGNOSTICS According to clinical studies, 90 percent of people are only “apparently healthy” and are, in reality, masking some risk of serious disease. With Medix’ ground-breaking Medical Prevention & Diagnostics service, we give users complete clarity over their health today and help them prevent disease... Read more »

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MEDICAL MANAGEMENT & NAVIGATION When a person is diagnosed with a serious medical condition, the days and weeks following can be incredibly stressful and confusing. Medix’ world-leading Medical Management & Navigation service enables users to proceed through treatment with clarity and confidence, knowing they’re on the right... Read more »

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REHABILITATION After experiencing a serious medical condition like cancer or heart disease, many people experience pain, side effects and some functional decline – even after they are “disease-free.” Medix’ Rehabilitation service fills the gap often left by healthcare systems, by proactively providing... Read more »

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