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London, England-based telehealth and health services management provider Medix this month opened its U.S. headquarters in New York as part of an ambitious campaign to create a virtual footprint across the nation.

In a press release announcing the provider's U.S. launch, Medix Group CEO and founder Sigal Atzmon said that "Medix will reinvent the way American people access and consume healthcare."

"By using AI and data that enable us to better understand our customers, we help people navigate the healthcare system in a very different, simplified and personalized way and provide a reliable, one-stop shop for their medical needs. We are here to bring the future of healthcare to Americans, today," she said.

In an email exchange with HealthLeaders, Atzmon talked about Medix's aggressive plans for expansion in the U.S.

HealthLeaders: Your company boasts that it is disruptive. How is it disruptive, what is it disrupting, and why is the disruption needed?

Atzmon: We fundamentally change the way healthcare is delivered and consumed. There are solutions in the market for specific diseases, broader wellness support tools and enablers of access to medical networks and professionals. Medix addresses a market need.

We provide a one-stop solution of accessible and quality care with personalized navigation, combining digital health and AI with human interaction. We can do this across an individual's life, including prevention, medical case management, rehabilitation and mental health. We put healthcare back in the hands of the consumer, all supported by a range of digital, AI and personal care support. We believe that consumers should be able to access care 24/7, regardless of location or demographic. There should be no barriers to accessing affordable, quality healthcare – that’s where we come in.

HealthLeaders: Why is the US market attractive for you?

Atzmon: We have had a footprint in the U.S. for some time now. However, with the U.S. healthcare system being more fragmented than ever amid an enhanced, post-pandemic demand, we know the time is perfect right now for us to make this substantial entry into the U.S. market. 

With 300 million people covered by health insurance, along with a substantial number who are without insurance, we know our solutions will help people. There is a growing demand for virtual and smart personalized care and COVID has shown the increased importance and relevance of digital care. We are here to help as many people as we can with our one stop solution.  

HealthLeaders: What do you believe your company can do in the US that existing companies in this space cannot or are not doing now?

Atzmon: We see some great offerings in the U.S. market and the potential for new ones to be developed, but they are niche and siloed. Healthcare and the needs of consumers are holistic and universal, and our solution has already proven to millions of customers that we provide a great user experience and ensure that individuals are getting the best care. Over the years, we have consistently provided better medical outcomes with a great customer experience by empowering our customers and their doctors.

We believe our one-stop solution, with a focus on care over cost, is a unique differentiator - placing consumers at the heart of all that we do and ensuring they receive the very best care and support. Our relentless passion to make a difference in people’s lives, our global footprint and over 15 years in business will ensure we are well-positioned to navigate the barriers and challenges that many startups would typically experience. We are proud to combine our local and global experience, with our deep understanding of the U.S. healthcare landscape as we launch our new North American headquarters.

HealthLeaders: Do you anticipate any partnerships with US companies?

Atzmon: Yes, absolutely. We see the opportunity to partner with companies in the U.S. There are a number of verticals that we are already targeting and are in discussions with various potential strategic partners where we believe there will be mutual benefit to help improve access to great healthcare for consumers.

HealthLeaders: What is your long-term goal for Medix over the next 5-10 years? How many states will you be in?

Atzmon: We are working very hard to become the world's leading and preferred healthcare partner by improving accessibility and affordability of quality of care. Our goal is to put the tools and solutions we have into the hands of every American and to be in a position where we can demonstrate that healthcare outcomes have improved, consumers are happier and that great quality healthcare has no barriers. Worldwide, we are on a mission to democratize healthcare, reduce unwarranted healthcare variations and inequality of care.

We will be in every state and have already established our New York headquarters. We are also already looking to expand into Latin America later this year and will be establishing additional locations as we expand further.

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