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About Health Journeys, Inc.

Health Journeys is a multimedia publishing company, established in 1991 by social worker Belleruth Naparstek and businessman George Klein, which specializes in self-help audio recordings of guided experiences, such as meditation, imagery, hypnosis, relaxation, acupressure and yoga.

We create accessible, user-friendly, evidence-based programs that alleviate distress and assist with medical and mental health challenges; and heighten a sense of mastery, vitality, creativity and performance.

Health Journeys' programs are psychologically and physiologically sophisticated, and made to the highest standards by foremost experts in the mind-body field - backed by science, written by experts, scored by award-winning composers, and produced by the sound engineer for the Cleveland Orchestra.

Hay House is assuming direct-to-consumer sales and the Health Journeys team is focusing strictly on sales of customized apps and streaming pages to institutions and agencies, such as hospitals, health plans, universities, veterans, and military services.

We partner with organizations across many industries and disciplines to help improve outcomes for the people they serve. We can customize a cost-effective, evidence-based program that targets your organization’s unique profile and needs.

Our Mission: To increase coping ability, assist with healing, and reduce symptoms for those dealing with health, mental health & situational challenges; and to improve peak performance, resilience, mastery & creativity.

We are passionate about disseminating our programs far and wide, in the most user-friendly, accessible ways possible. We work directly with consumers, health care providers, hospitals, universities, businesses, patient advocacy organizations, insurance companies, employee wellness programs, pharmas, and health maintenance organizations, including Kaiser Permanente, the U.S. Armed Services, and the U.S. Veterans Health Administration.

Health Journeys is also committed to educating professionals and the public about the impact and safety of these techniques, as demonstrated by recent research. To this end, we’ve been summarizing and archiving findings from 1997 to the present.

We place a high value on customer care, and during business hours, our trained staff answers questions and offers guidance, support and assistance.

Our bestselling titles include Healthful Sleep, Relaxation & Wellness, Relieve Stress, Ease Pain, Successful Surgery, Help for Anxiety & Panic, and Healing Trauma.

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Products by Health Journeys, Inc.

By Health Journeys, Inc.

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By Health Journeys, Inc.

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